Software Development

Calendar generator for Wiener Rauchfangkehrer
(Language: German)
This tool generates a calendar in PDF format (A4) for coordinating appointments. It allows to add any holiday days to a list and, if desired, it also adds the public holidays (Austria) automatically. For the days in the list no calendar page is generated. Additionally, if desired, no page is generated for Saturdays and Sundays.
Calender generator version 1.1.2

BASH script for exporting the results of the Austrian "Känguru-Wettbewerb"
(Language: German)
With this BASH script the results of the Austrian "Känguru-Wettbewerb" of a certain school can be easily exported and saved in a CSV-file.
BASH script for the "Känguru-Wettbewerb"

Students list generator, adapted to "Sokrates"
(Language: German)
This tool generates students lists in PDF format (A4) from a CSV-file (exported from "Sokrates") for logging the students' performances. Currently, the following lists are offered: an empty list of names, a collaboration and assessment list, a homework list for teachers and a homework list for students.
Students list generator version 2.3.0

Barçawelt tools (Barçawelt picture tool, Barçawelt lineup builder, Barçawelt template for MotM)
(Language: German)
This collection of tools is designed to make everyday activities at Barçawelt ( as easy as possible. None of those tools stores uploaded information permanently. All information is lost upon completion of the program execution.
Barçawelt tools version 1.0.0