since 2020 TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology)
Master program (UE 066 935)
Media & Human Centered Computing
1040 Vienna
2016–2020 TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology)
Bachelor program (UE 033 534)
Software & Information Engineering
graduated with honors
(additionally: Bachelor with Honors)
1040 Vienna
2008–2016 BRG19 Vienna
(Bundesrealgymnasium Wien 19)
graduated with honors
1190 Vienna
2004–2008 Volksschule Bischof-Faber-Platz 1180 Vienna
2001–2004 Pfarrkindergarten Gersthof 1180 Vienna
Details about my achievements Details about my achievements:


Information about my IT skills Information about my IT skills:
Languages: German, English, Latin
German: mother tongue
English: B2
Latin: intermediate Latin certificate
Trained peer mediator
at BRG19 Vienna Confirmation (German) of the passed course [PDF]


2020 Konzeption und Implementierung eines „Student Relationship Management”-Systems [PDF – coming soon]
bachelor's thesis at TU Wien (2020 Vienna, Austria)
2020 This is not the new normal: Studying during a pandemic (co-author) [Link:]
ACM Interactions (2020)
2018 Differential Privacy bei korrelierten Daten: Herausforderungen und das Konzept Pufferfish [PDF]
seminar paper for the lecture "SE Scientific Work" at TU Wien (2018 Vienna, Austria)
2016 Programme und Fallbeispiele zur automatisierten Extraktion von Daten aus Webseiten [PDF]
prescientific paper for the final exam, published by the Dr. Hans Riegel Stiftung (2017 Bonn, Germany)


2021 Bachelor with Honors (TU Wien)
successful completion of the TU Wien Bachelor with Honors program  
2016 Dr. Hans Riegel Awards 2016, second place in Vienna
for "Programme und Fallbeispiele zur automatisierten Extraktion von Daten aus Webseiten" Confirmation (German) [PDF]

Occupations at University

July 2021
Student Staff in Research and Administration at the Center for Technology and Society (CTS, TU Wien, E065-01)
assisting in the fields of research, documentation and strategy planning Confirmation [CTS-Website]
2018, 2019,
2020 & 2021
Tutor at the Institute of Logic and Computation (E192) of TU Wien
assisting in the organisation of the lecture "VU Formal Modelling" (2018, 2019 and 2020 summer semester)
2017, 2018,
2019, 2020
& 2021
Tutor at the Institute of Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology (E193) of TU Wien
among other things assisting in the organisation of the lecture "VU Ways of Thinking in Informatics" (2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21 winter semester)
2018, 2019,
2020, 2021
& 2022
Tutor at the Institute of Information Systems Engineering (E194) of TU Wien (primarily ESSE workgroup)
assisting in the organisation of the lectures etc.
2018 & 2019 Mentor for beginners within the mentoring programme at TU Wien
advice and support for a successful start of studies, including the organisation of regular group meetings (2018/19 winter semester)

Internships & further Occupations

& March
Internship at Research Industrial Systems Engineering GmbH
development of wireframes and a React prototype with Material-UI for a web-based administration interface Confirmation (German) [PDF – coming soon]
August 2019 Internship at Research Industrial Systems Engineering GmbH
development of automated software tests in C++14, integration in continuous integration platform (GitLab) Confirmation (German) [PDF]
2017 & 2018 Teacher at Lernquadrat
individual training in informatics, mathematics and German at branch 1060 Vienna, branch 1100 Vienna (Wienerberg) and branch 1120 Vienna
2015 & 2016 Office employee at Wiener Rauchfangkehrer
one-month internship each year at Thomas Renner G. m. b. H. as an office employee, assisting with the computer maintenance
2014–2016 Creation of a new school website
assisting with the conception, design and creation of the new school website of BRG19 Vienna Confirmation (German) [PDF]
2012–2019 Editor of a football website
writing and editing of articles, participation in web design and coordination of social media activities at
2012 B├╝chereien Wien, Urban Loritz-Platz
one-week internship at College 5 Confirmation (German) [PDF]


2015 Caritative engagement
assisting with the organisation of Merry Charity, a charity event at BRG19 Vienna Confirmation (German) [PDF]
2014–2016 Peer mediator at BRG19 Vienna
helping students to solve their conflicts (see Qualifications) Confirmation (German) of the occupation in the school's annual report of 2014/15 [PDF]
2014/15 Students representative at BRG19 Vienna
student's first representative in the school committee Confirmation (German) [PDF]
2013 Voluntary work at BRG19 Vienna
helping distributing the schoolbooks and organising the school festival Confirmation (German) [PDF]