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University (TU Wien)

Propädeutikum für Informatik
(= Preparation course for informatics)
passed with success
(= Interview)
passed with success
Algebra and Discrete Mathematics (Lecture) Good (2)
Algebra and Discrete Mathematics (Exercise) Satisfactory (3)
Program Construction Excellent (1)
Fundamentals of Computer Engineering Excellent (1)
Formal Modelling Excellent (1)
Data Modelling Excellent (1)
Interactions of Society and Technology Excellent (1)
Basics of Human Computer Interaction Excellent (1)
Analysis for Computer Science (Exercise) Excellent (1)
Operating Systems (Exercise) Excellent (1)
Data and Information Law (Lecture and Exercise) Excellent (1)
Introduction to Security Excellent (1)
Interface and Interaction Design (Lecture and Exercise) Excellent (1)
Interface and Interaction Design (Project) Excellent (1)
Didactics in computer science education Excellent (1)
Data Modelling 2 Good (2)
Gruppendynamisches Seminar
(= Seminar on group dynamics)
Excellent (1)
Algorithms and Data Structures Satisfactory (3)
Introduction to Visual Computing Good (2)
Object-oriented modeling Satisfactory (3)
Security for Systems Engineering Good (2)
Scientific Work Excellent (1)
Media Informatics Seminar Excellent (1)
Accompanying seminar for mentors
of the TUW [TU Vienna] mentoring program
passed with success
Social skills for tutors passed with success
Object-oriented Programming Techniques Excellent (1)
Social issues in computing Excellent (1)
Theoretical Computer Science and Logics Excellent (1)
Statistics and Probability Theory (Exercise) Excellent (1)
Data and Information Law
(Exercise 2 because the same course was held twice)
Excellent (1)
Project Media and Human-Centered Computing 1 Excellent (1)
Software Engineering and Project Management (Project) Excellent (1)
Contract and liability law (Lecture and Exercise) Good (2)
Certificates [PDF]

Elective Courses (BRG19 Vienna, Informatics)

PASCAL 1Excellent (1)
PASCAL 2Excellent (1)
Project work (2016)Excellent (1)
Project work (2015)Excellent (1)
Operating systemsExcellent (1)
Introduction to LinuxExcellent (1)
Computer networksExcellent (1)
Web scripting and databasesExcellent (1)
Micro controllerExcellent (1)
Assembler programmingExcellent (1)
for certificates see "8th Grade" and in older achievements "6th Grade" and "7th Grade"

Final Exam (BRG19 Vienna)

Prescientific paperExcellent (1)
German, written examExcellent (1)
Mathematics, written examExcellent (1)
English, written examExcellent (1)
German, oral examExcellent (1)
Informatics, oral examExcellent (1)
Psychology and philosophy, oral examExcellent (1)
Certificate (German) [PDF]

8th Grade (BRG19 Vienna, divided into semesters)

Religion, 1st semesterExcellent (1)
Religion, 2nd semesterExcellent (1)
German, 1st semesterExcellent (1)
German, 2nd semesterExcellent (1)
English, 1st semesterExcellent (1)
English, 2nd semesterExcellent (1)
Latin, 1st semesterExcellent (1)
Latin, 2nd semesterExcellent (1)
Mathematics, 1st semesterExcellent (1)
Mathematics, 2nd semesterExcellent (1)
Biology, 1st semesterExcellent (1)
Biology, 2nd semesterExcellent (1)
Chemistry, 1st semesterExcellent (1)
Chemistry, 2nd semesterExcellent (1)
Sports, 1st semesterExcellent (1)
Sports, 2nd semesterExcellent (1)
PhysicsExcellent (1)
Geography and economyExcellent (1)
History and social studiesExcellent (1)
Psychology and philosophyExcellent (1)
Musical educationExcellent (1)
Certificate (German), 1st semester [PDF]
Certificate (German), 2nd semester [PDF]

Key Qualifications (BRG19 Vienna)

Understanding and solving conflicts
(= training to become a peer mediator)
Excellent (1)
Self-managementExcellent (1)
Introduction to presentation and academic work Excellent (1)
for certificates see "8th Grade" and in older achievements "6th Grade" and "7th Grade"